Farm Expansion & Pre-Raid Grumbles

Attained honored status with the Tillers earlier this morning, and upon the rep change, Farmer Yoon sent me to speak with Gai Lan (whose name reminds me of the vegetable kailan… lol).  A short simple quest later, Gai Lan visits Sunsong Ranch to clear my weeds!  The process takes like 15min and after it’s done… I have 8 plots of land to grow stuff!  That’ll help greatly with the production of veggies required to cook food for gifting daily 😀

[insert screenshot of Gai Lan]

Come to think of it, the ingredients I need each day are quite a lot: 5 Emperor Salmon, 5 Giant Mantis Shrimp, 10 Jade Lungfish, 35 Juicycrunch Carrot, 10 Krasarang Paddlefish, 5 Raw Tiger Steak, 5 Raw Turtle Meat, 5 Reef Octopus, 25 Scallions, 25 Striped Melon, 10 Wildfowl Breast.  Ugh, imagine x10 of that… for the 10 days that I will be away on vacation end of this month!  I could probably grow all the veggies on my farms & purchase the rest of the items from the AH.  It will cost me much coin, but would definitely save me much time.  Mhmm… I should start planning & stockpiling as and when I have spare time :S

Anyway, 14 October 2012 is just around the corner.  That’s the day that PBJ is scheduled for our 1st guild organized raid.  Things don’t look very promising.  Atm, there are only 6 max-levels in the guild.  It is unlikely that players who aren’t 90 yet are gonna make the cut in time for the raid, but there is still a week left so am keeping fingers crossed.  I’d have to start recruiting but how?  Spamming guild recruitment in Trade chat is a total waste of time, and I rather not just invite any random into our raid as a guildie merely to make up the numbers.  One of the woes of a small casual guild is the lack of dedicated players.  /sigh

That being said, am looking @ a general ilvl req of 460.  Depending on the player, I might close one eye for 455 (maybe 2 eyes for 450) as I do understand that sometimes… that damn piece of equipment from heroics just doesn’t drop after countless of attempts.  Granted that gear isn’t everything and that skill is the more important factor, I think having a decent ilvl does speak volumes about effort.  I really detest players who turn up in greens, un-enchanted, un-gemmed, non-reforged gear & expected to be carried through the raid for free epics.  When pushed to gear up, I get responses like “lazy” of “cbf”.  Well… then I cbf having you in my raid group either!

Furthermore, with heroic loot at 463 and the accessibility of epic trinkets from Coren Direbrew, am pretty sure 460 is NOT too much to ask for.

I’m at 451/453 atm.  The plan is some heroics tonight, moar heroics on Fri night & even MOAR on Sat.  Will try nudge guildies into doing a couple of scenarios too – being in a guild group does earn the gbank some gold afterall… extra funding for our raids!  Ah well ~ I just hope that everything settles up into the expansion.  Not really inclined to join another guild, nor raid hardcore again, so hopefully that will not prove necessary >_<“

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